Brazilian Waxing Tips and Frequently Asked Questions

I’ll be straight with you: Getting your first bikini wax is not a fun experience.

That said, it is a longer-lasting method to removing your unwanted hair vs. shaving, which makes it a good option for those summer months when you don’t want to reach for the razor.

Knowing the process before you start will help you get through it easier.

1. Hair should be about 1/4 inches long.

A big mistake many women make before getting their first wax: shaving. Wax can’t pick up your hairs when they’re too short.  iWaxSalon.com owner, Tonya, recommends trimming it to about a quarter of an inch. If you’re unsure of how long that is, just leave it alone and we’ll take care of it.

2. You should determine what kind of waxing you want beforehand.

Here are a few of your options:

  • A simple bikini wax, which removes unwanted hair from the sides of where your bathing suit bottoms would be.
  • A Playboy wax,  which removes all of your hair, from front to back, except for a very narrow “landing strip.”
  • A Brazilian wax, which removes all, or nearly all, of your hair, from front to back.

You don’t necessarily have to decide right away — personally, I’ve changed my mind halfway through a wax — but it’s good to think about your desired results prior to the appointment.

3. The time of the month matters.

Don’t schedule a wax within three days prior to your period. That’s when your skin tends to be extra sensitive.

4. Take a shower that day.

This may seem obvious, but it’s worth a reminder. You’ll feel less self-conscious and your pro will thank you.

5. Your lower half will be fully exposed.

Before your wax, you will have to strip off your pants and underwear, but if you are having more hair removed than just on the sides, you will likely be completely naked from bottom down.

The important thing to remember is that your waxer has probably seen hundreds of people like this. This is just business for her, so don’t worry too much about exposing yourself.

6. It will hurt.

Spoiler alert: It does hurt. Unless you have the thinnest hair on the planet or zero pain receptors, having hair ripped out of your body can be slightly painful.

Taking an anti inflammatory before helps. You will also want to avoid coffee and caffeine before your appointment to reduce your sensitivity.

People who have been getting waxed for years are somewhat desensitized to the pain. Keep this in mind when your friends insist that hair removal “doesn’t hurt at all.”

7. It hurts some people more than others.

A bikini wax isn’t a walk in the park for anybody, but for some, it’s worse. Coarse and thick body hair is more stubborn to remove, so if this is you, you may experience more redness in the waxed area.

8. Your waxer will get up-close and personal. Very personal.

Depending on how much hair you’re having removed, the experience may involve a lot of — for lack of a better term — spreading, to give your waxer access to all the spots you’re getting waxed. You may need to assist or move into awkward positions, occasionally.

9. The hairs left behind will be tweezed.

Oftentimes, there are a few random hairs left behind after the wax that are removed using precise tweezers. Your waxer may ask you if you want them tweezed, or she may just start plucking without letting you know first. It’s a good idea to ask beforehand so you can be prepared.

10. Waxing for the first time during pregnancy is NOT recommended!

Your skin is just too sensitive with all the extra hormones racing around during pregnancy.

11. Hydrocortisone cream may soothe your skin afterwards.

To speed your recovery, wear loose clothing to your appointment so you’ll be comfy afterwards. Air is your best friend, so cotton underwear is recommended.

If you’re hoping to be smooth and bikini-ready by the end of your appointment, think again. After getting a wax, your skin is often red and irritated, and you may have a slight residue from the wax.

For the rest of the day, you should steer clear of too much friction (that means skip the sexy time!), lest you may wind up with even more irritation.

The good news: The redness should go away overnight.

What’s your return policy?

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