Airbrush Tanning

Get a Beautiful Sun-Kissed Look… Without the Sun!

Our professional sunless tanning products leave you with a natural-looking glow that last longer and fades more evenly than any other brand available. With delicious fragrances like Coconut, Cherry, Chocolate, Blackberry, and our new Rapid Tan formula in Strawberry-Vanilla, you’ll feel as delicious as you look when we airbrush your tan! (Not to mention how good you’ll smell when we’re done!)

Whether you want a gentle sun-kissed glow, or a deep “I’ve been on a yacht for a month” bronzed tan, our spray tans will give you natural-looking results, without any exposure to harmful UV rays.

Don’t be fooled by pale imitations and spray-paint booths, the products we use are award-winning! These are hands-down the best products in the business. We should know; we did a lot of research and testing before selecting them.

With these amazing products, you have options:

  • Light Tan
    With a gentle aroma of tropical coconut, you can close your eyes and imagine a soft Hawaiian breeze as we apply a light hint of sunshine.
  • Medium Tan
    Enjoy a teen-y lipgloss scent of freshly picked cherries as we give you golden sun-kissed look.
  • Dark Tan
    Chocolate… Need we say more? We’ll apply a heavenly scent and a divine skin color.
  • After Dark
    Try the seductive aroma of blackberries, coupled with a deep, dark, sun-drenched-from-the-islands look. This one says “life of luxury” and we won’t spoil the intrigue by telling where it came from!

Less fruity, but just as fun, is our ability to host you and your friends. Got a girlfriend party, Bachelorette, Reunion, Wedding, or Prom to celebrate? Get a group of four or more of your friends together, and give us a call. We’ll get you all tanned while you have some fun together.

Call us for more information on private tanning parties for you and your friends!

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